Anti-aging facial exercises you can do at home for younger looking

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You do curls for your biceps, squats for your quadriceps, and crunches for your abdominals. But when was the last time you did exercises for your face?

Did you know that the face is made up of more than 50 different muscles and unlike most of the rest of the body, we use a few of them and The majority are rarely used.

Surprisingly, doing facial exercises could help you look younger, firm your skin, and give you fuller-looking cheeks, without or with use of anti wrinkle products or anti aging skin products, that’s what a Northwestern University study revealed after sixteen women aged forty to sixty-five did either a daily or every-other-day facial exercise program from Happy Face Yoga for over twenty weeks. Dermatologists rated their faces at three different times during the study and confirmed that the average patient age appearance decreased, starting at 50.8 years and decreasing to almost 48.1 years at the end, an almost three-year drop in age appearance.

Researchers explain that the exercises enlarged and strengthened the facial muscles, making women’s faces look firmer, more toned, and, thus, shaped like the faces of younger women. Your skin loses elasticity as you age, which results in fat pads that lie between your skin and muscles thinning, which is not treated by only anti aging skin care products. Credit those pads for giving your face shape. Even worse, as your skin starts to sag, the pads actually diminish in size and slide, resulting in a face that “falls.” By increasing the size of the muscles in your face, you’re basically giving your skin more stuffing, and firmer muscles make that face look more full again.

we would like to share with you in the next page ten anti-ageing facial exercises that you can do anywhere for a natural face tightening. Don’t forget that you can use your favorit anti wrinkle skin care befor or after this exercises.